KSM offers Bereavement Benefit as part of our social obligation. Through this scheme the next-of-kin of the deceased member would be given a sum of RM300 as a token of remembrance.

Terms & Conditions

  1. A valid member with a minimum share amount of RM100, and (the deceased) had been a member for at least 3 full calendar years from the date of death.
  2. One member is entitled to one benefit only under this scheme.
  3. The scheme is only valid to within 180 days from the date of death of the member.
  4. Application(s) that do not reach KSM within 180 days shall not be entertained.
  5. Application(s) with incomplete documents will be disqualified as well.

  • Other Terms & Conditions apply. Please refer to the Bereavement Scheme Application Form.
  • The Board of KSM has the right to accept or reject the application, subject to the Terms & Conditions apply.
  • The Board reserves the absolute right to revise the Terms & Conditions from time to time and to cease the implementation of this Scheme whenever it is deemed fit or necessary.

As at 2015, KSM has paid out a total sum of RM388,800 to the next-of kin of 1,318 deceased members.