KSM Education Award Of Name List

KSM offers Education Incentive Award (EIA) to members and their children. The categories include UPSR, PT3, SPM, STPM, UEC, Diploma, Degree as well as PhD.
A. Primary and Secondary Education Levels
Standard 6 UPSR All pass with 4As RM50.00 (NEW)
Form 3 PT3 All pass with 4As RM60.00 (NEW)
Form 5 SPM All pass with 6As RM80.00 (NEW)
Upper 6 STPM/A-Level/ Matriculation All pass with 2As RM100.00
B. Chinese Independent (School) Education Level
Year 3 Unified Examination Junior Middle All pass with 4As RM60.00 (NEW)
Year 6 Unified Exam Senior Middle All pass with 4As RM100.00
C. Tertiary Education Level (Private or Public College, Institution, University, duly registered under AKTA IPTS 1996)
Diploma CGPA 3.5/First Class/Distinction RM120.00
Degree CGPA 3.3/First Class or Second-Upper Class/Distinction or Merit RM150.00
Master - RM300.00
PhD - RM500.00
Terms & Conditions
1. Application(s) must be made in the prescribed form with the relevant supporting documents to reach KSM not later than 31 May each year.
2. Incomplete application(s) shall not be entertained.

  • Other Terms & Conditions apply. Please refer to the EIA Application Form.
  • The Board of KSM has the right to accept or reject the application, subject to the Terms & Conditions apply.
  • The Board of KSM reserves the right to amend the Rules & Regulations from time to time and to cease the implementation of award whenever it is deemed fit or necessary.
In 2015, a total of RM63,720 was given to 574 students (RM77,060 to 782 students in 2014). Based on 2015 report, 198 students were from the tertiary education level, and this made up 64% of the total pay-out in 2015. This indicated that our members and their children excelled in their pursuit in higher education. To date, the Board is proud to declare that the Scheme has paid out a total sum of RM1,563,520 to approximately 22,356 students since its inception in 2000.

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